Paper Piles are Keeping You Safe

Paper Piles are Keeping You Safe

Your pile of paper is be serving you. It is keeping you safe. It is keeping you in your comfort zone. It is allowing you to hide. I speak from experience on this.

It allows you to put things off “until you get organized.” It allows you to run on adrenaline as you put out fires instead of being proactive. It makes the decision about how you are going to spend your time for you; what’s urgent gets the attention and gets done.

If you want to make a conscious decision to be in a different space, read on.

Get yourself some motivation: What does the vision of your life look like when you are doing what you want to do? What can you build when you are being intentional and proactive? How can you spend your time when you aren’t worrying about what you are forgetting and “searching” for that piece of paper?

How much more effective would you be in your career or at home if you used your brain for critical thinking and creativity instead of trying to remember what you needed to do next?

For some paper organization comes naturally. if this is you, rock on with your bad self.

If it doesn’t come naturally to you, it is not your fault. You have LOTS of other natural gifts and talents. This is a skill that can be taught.

Every paper is about “What is the next action step?” One paper at a time.

I will be going more in-depth into the process at an in person event on Friday. Would love to have you there.

This is a skill that can be taught. You are more then capable. I absolutely believe that.


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