Take Action on Your Goals: Change Your Thoughts.

On a sunny Sunday in April. a group of smart, driven, dynamic women got together for my Goal Get ‘Em Workshop Session 2: Review. We did some real work reflecting on goals, adjusting goals and honing in on three goals for the upcoming quarter.
AND THEN we created action steps and deadlines for our goals to put on our calendar.

But before we got to the action steps we did some thought work.

Thought work?

Yes, thought work. One of the main reasons we don’t achieve a goal is because of the thoughts we are thinking about ourselves (and sometimes we don’t even know they are there) as it relates to our goal. Lets say you want to run a 5k. Your inner critic comes along and tells you we aren’t fast enough. You don’t have time to train. That takes commitment and you don’t like commitment. Or how about, so many people already do that, why will it matter if you do? (That is one that my inner critic LOVES to use!)

What do you do when these thoughts happen?

Acknowledge it, and then work on a new thought that is neutral/positive that you can BELIEVE.

You we aren’t fast enough. New thought: I am as fast as I need to be. My pace is great for me.

You don’t have time to train. New thought: I find time when I want something.

That takes commitment and you don’t like commitment. New thought: I am making a plan for the next three months. After we are done, I will re-evaluate.

So many people already do that, why will it matter if you do. New thought: So great for all those other people. I will have a great time being with them. This is for me.

Changing your thoughts will assist in taking action.

What goals are your thoughts keeping you from achieving?

I can help you identify the thoughts that need to change and change them.

Here is to A Life All In.


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