About A Life All In

A Life All In provides resources to help you create space to live the life you desire. Founder Jennifer O’Grady supports you through individual coaching, goal setting and visioning workshops, and helping you get organized. Join our community to receive tools and inspiration, invitations to monthly All In Together touch points and events. We encourage you to reflect, be intentional, and live your authentic life.

Ways to engage with A Life All In

  • Individual coaching: Offering support around goals, processes and authentic living
  • Home organizing services: Helping you to create space to live the life you desire
  • Events and Workshops: Attend one of our scheduled workshops designed to support attendees in defining and achieving goals, creating process or exploring their authentic self. We also offer custom workshops for groups wanting to explore these topics.
  • Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: this is where we will engage with Life All In Touch Points as well as offer support and share resources
  • Join the mailing list: be on the list to receive updates, blog posts and newsletters