New Year (Kind of): New Habit!

New Year (Kind of): New Habit!

I am finding myself in New Year mode and it is the end of July.

Truth is, I love this time of year. For one, August is when our annual family camping trip happens. For this city girl, camping (albeit car camping) is a the way that I really unwind. There is no tech, no plans, just hiking and reading and conversation with dear friends

This is also time for back to school to start rearing its head and that means school supplies and I am an office supply junkie (still in search for the perfect pen, by the way).

Mostly for me, September feels like a mini New Year. A time to re-establish routines, check-in on goals, and plan for the coming year at school or at work.

It is during this time that I often think about what routines, habits and activities that have been working for me and what needs to be given a fond farewell. I have the same thoughts around the stuff that occupies our living spaces.

It is in this spirit that I invite you to join me in the August Touch Point of Make One Change. I invite you to join the conversation and decide on one routines, habits and activities that you would like to transition out of in order to create or continue forward momentum in your life. One small change is all you need. One step forward starts the journey.

It is true that in these situations change doesn’t happen overnight there are few steps involved including:

  • Identify the purpose of the routine, habit or activity
  • Identify the that thoughts and feelings around the┬ároutine, habit or activity
  • Decide what will replace the┬ároutines, habits and activity

I will be answering these questions for myself over the month of August and I am really excited to experience the results.

Join me!



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  1. I will look at our camping trip through new eyes now! I was buying some office supplies today and thinking about the start of the school year. As an adult I have to remind myself to take stock at certain points in the year as you mention because I don’t have the start of the school year as the marking point anymore.

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