A Different Lens on Efficiency

A Different Lens on Efficiency


I hear from clients and potential clients on a regular basis, “I want to be more efficient.”  

It is almost like a benchmark to success, efficiency.

What is the drive beyond efficiency?

For many of the good folks living with ADHD and ADD (and the folks who are not) it is a belief that efficiency is the answer that will finally give all the thoughts a rest. 

It is a belief that efficiency will keep your brain from going down the rabbit hole. Efficiency will be sure that all the items on the to-do list will get done. 

With efficiency comes the ability to rest. 

Actually with efficiency comes the permission to rest guilt-free, shame free. 

Freedom for our thoughts, so that we can rest and be in the moment. 

I propose a  reframing of “efficiency” to “present.”

“I want to be more present.” 

Presence comes when you are comfortable having the thoughts and knowing you have a trusted container to hold all the thoughts. A container that will allow you to come back to the thoughts and engage in a way that allows you to sort through and take action. 

Take action on what actually matters to you. What uniquely matters to the one-of-a-kind-you.

So I challenge the popular “I want to be me more efficient thought” There are systems, tools, tricks, hacks that will lead to efficiency, yes. 

But what happens in your body, with your energy when you say to yourself,  “I want to be more present. I want the gift of being?” 

It is the desired feeling and state of being behind efficiency. 

There is the power, there is the motivation. There is the work to be done.

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