A Wall of Brown Paneling was not in My Vision

A Wall of Brown Paneling was not in My Vision

I have a vision for a bright, light office. Sun streaming through the window. Textured white walls, small succulents sharing space on the shelf with books I love and are my favorite tools. A fun, funky curtain hanging in the window.

For the last twelve years, my office has had brown paneling mini-blinds and a spider plant.

This weekend that changed.

The paneling has started coming down and what was revealed: a fabulous brick wall and a beautifully arched window casing.

The office of my dreams is emerging.

Why in the hell did it take twelve years to take one wall of paneling dows?

Fear. Fear of what was underneath. Fear that was underneath was going to be more work. Fear that the more work was going to be hard, too hard.

Screech……(slamming the brakes).

What makes something “hard?”

Some possibilities for you:

  • You don’t already know how to do it.
  • You know how to do it but are not very good at it.
  • It triggers you with feelings you are not comfortable having.

Any one of these thoughts/reasons can keep us from engaging in the “hard” thing; keep us from engaging, period.

Do you want to keep not engaging?

If your answer is “Yes. I want to stay exactly where I am at. The brown wood paneling isn’t horrible and I have lived with it this long, so…” then okay, thanks for reading this far.

If your answer is “I do want to engage. I want to see what is next, what is behind the panelling. I am not jiving with the paneling anymore.” Then read on.

You can do hard things. I can do hard things. And I started doing hard things when I stopped making the word “hard” synonymous with the phrase of “I can’t”. That was a game changer.

You can do things you don’t know how to do yet. You can learn. You can do things you are not very good at, let go of perfectionism. You can do things and be triggered and sit in feelings that are uncomfortable.

As you do hard things, the office of your dreams emerge. As you do hard things, you find yourself at crossing the finish line of the race you challenged yourself to run. As you do hard things you say “no” to requests that don’t meet the criteria for where you want to put your energy.

I tool the paneling down and then spent three hours scraping and chiseling away at the plaster skim coat. It was something I had never done before. My knuckles are a little raw now. I was tired. And it is a step in the direction of my dream office.

What is a “hard” thing you can do that will put you on the path to creating your vision?

You can do it. I am here to support you. Email me today to make that vision, passion project, authentic calling a reality. Turn “It is hard” into “It is happening.”

With you in Your Life All In,


P.S. Not even sure what the vision is that you want to make a reality? Email me to chat for 60 minutes and see if coaching is right for you.

P.S.S. The word “trigger” in this message freak you out? You can take your power back there, too. Email me to get a taste for the power of coaching.

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