August Touch Point: Make One Change

August Touch Point: Make One Change

The summer  is in high tide in North America. For some that means vacation for others it means that things are busier then ever. What is true for many is August is when we start thinking about the “new year” that starts in September. No its not an official holiday, but September is back to school, re-engage at work, etc. As you look at the “new year” what is one habit or action that is no longer serving you? What is something you want to leave behind and replace with something new?

August will be a reflection on those habits that are not serving us anymore or maybe the routine that is no longer meaningful or useful. Join us as we make one change in habit or routine to set  ourselves up for success in the “new year.”

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  1. I am going to start walking in the middle of the day — the work will always be there. I must start moving more!

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