Befriending Anger: A Series, Part 1

Befriending Anger: A Series, Part 1

The coaching modality that I have been trained in utilizes an energy scale with seven levels. Each level had a thought, emotion and action tied to it. The energy it measures is not physical (though your physical energy is certainly affected) it measures your vibrational/emotional energy.

There is also an assessment (that is eerily accurate) that measures the kind of energy you show up with on a typical day and the energy you show up with under stress. My favorite part of this is that you can see how all the levels of energy serve you. It also shines a light on your energetic make-up to see where you have been living on autopilot and where you are being called to shift.

Pretty powerful stuff.

And my assessment has been a game changer.

Under stress I go victim. I hide. A recent blog article talked about my befriending of fear, to come out of hiding.

The next level is anger. I have avoided anger at all costs. Anger has made me uncomfortable. Anger has made me feel unsafe. I did not feel allowed to be angry at various points of my life (we will explore ‘being allowed” in another post on another day).

So I skip anger and go right to the next level of “it is what it is.” I go right to taking responsibility for whatever happened so we can move ahead. Great, moving things along. Wonderful.

Except it isn’t.

Being scared of anger has led me to avoiding anger, anger in myself and anger in others. It has kept me from feeling deeply because we suppress one feeling you supress all the feelings. It has kept me from fully creating because I don’t want to my creation to trigger someone else. It has kept me walking on egg shells which has actually caused me more hurt as I am not fully able to be seen. All my attention goes to not making someone angry. All my attentions goes to being sure I don’t get angry. Keeping myself from getting angry actually puts me back in victim mode. I must run and hide.

They key to anger that I am learning is to let yourself fully feel it. To acknowledge it so that you can move through it. Just like with fear.

This is a process. It is a process of feel and release. This is a process of feel and release and be open to create. Be open to be the fullest version of yourself with all the feelings. Stand in it giving all the parts of you time with you, time to be seen by you and cared for by you. By the god/universe/spirit. ‘

You are beautiful and you are seen.

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