Celebrate It ALL

Celebrate It ALL

The picture is my gratitude frame that I am re-purposing as my celebration frame. It is literally a picture frame with a piece of scrap-booking paper inside that I write on with a dry-erase marker. It was a girl scout project for my twelve year old’s troop. I was writing what i am thankful for each day. Now I am also going to write something that I am celebrating!

A common theme in my life and with clients over this past week: not being present for what they HAVE accomplished.

“Oh that isn’t that big of a deal.”
“That goal is not big enough”
“Anyone can do that”

We minimize ourselves and then halt our forward momentum.

Could you imagine telling a baby who was learning to walk “oh you only took two steps by yourself, that doesn’t count.”

As we are learning we get up and fall down. Constantly.

I invite you to reframe “Anyone can do that” to “I am doing it”. Reframe “That goal wasn’t big enough” to “That goal was a perfect step”

Then see how much more energy you create to keep going.

The words we use with ourselves are SO powerful. I invite you to use your power for good.

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