Four Hours and a Question

Four Hours and a Question

I had a day when all of my appointments rescheduled.

This meant that I had four hours of time that I didn’t plan.

I debated between coffee shops, errands to run, projects to tackle, I did none of it.

I went to our regional library. The one with the big wooden tables and floor to ceiling windows on the second floor.  The one where all kinds of people go to get things done; students study, retirees read the paper, consultants work on deliverables and today an entrepreneur and mom of three went to think.

That’s right, I gave myself the gift of thought. I gave myself the thing that I coach every single one of my clients on; make time to think about what is next. It can be 30 minutes or four hours. Look inside and see where you are being pulled. Take stock on where you are with the fantastic goals, plans and dreams you made for yourself and observe if you are making progress. If yes, why? If no, why? These are not questions for judgement, but intentional reflection.

Today I looked at my calendar and asked myself what is the one thing that I want to accomplish in the next 30 days that will help me work toward my goals? Are the actions steps on my calendar with a deadline? This is the goal ladder concept that I teach.

This was a game changer for me today.

The actions steps are on my calendar now.

Ask yourself the same questions and see what answers come. You might be surprised. My answer surprised me and made complete sense. The one thing that came was something I have been putting off because I was letting perfect be the enemy of the good. So grateful I took the time and made the mental space,  to realize this today.

This is what my unplanned thinking day did for me. Pretty darn productive.

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