How to Make “What if…” Serve You.

How to Make “What if…” Serve You.

Times are a changin’

Your inbox is flooded with emails about how “Safety is our priority.”

The blogs you subscribe to are filled with ideas and tips on how to make the most of the extra “free” time with your kids/working from home/making progress on those projects that have been on your list like repainting your bedroom or finishing the photo album from your last vacation.

At the end of the day what is true is the routine that gives you solace and structure has been changed. You no longer get up/make coffee/make lunches/commute/commence work. Now the routine is…well you haven’t figured that out yet. And that is causing anxiety for you.

There is a new normal now. And that is causing us all to live in our stress reaction. Day to day, the plot changes and the rules change. Day to day we are learning how we fit in.

Through all of it the only thing you can control is how you react to it…how you react to stress.

How you react to stress can drain you or it can give you energy. Seriously, the choice is yours.

What?! The choice is yours. That is exciting and terrifying at the same time.

Anxiety is a default stress reaction. It is real. I know I had it for years. I had all the thoughts all the time. “What if?…” Was a constant question in my head. The problem was that in my head “What if..” was always what if something bad happened.

Then I was made aware of the anxiety. And when you are aware of something you can change it. I could change the end of the “What if?” statement with a result that served me.

Step 1: Acknowledge the anxiety: “I am freaking out right now. The word is closing and I freaking hate it.” Acknowledging the feeling allows you to move through it. Resisting the feeling gives it a tighter grip.

Step 2: Moving through it you can even get yourself to a place of opportunity. “I am done freaking out now. What can i do to create a new normal for myself?” Maybe a new routine for the time when you would have been commuting. A longer walk with the dog. Reading a few more pages of your favorite book, writing a card to a friend.

What would serve you now? The shift takes practice, it takes awareness and practice. You are ready for the shift. I am here to help you make it happen.

To A Life All In,


P.S. Ready to put your anxiety to rest? Ready to turn your stress into opportunity? Contact me to get started.

P.S.S. Want the new routine, but have no idea what that looks like? The answer is there and we will find it. Contact me to start the new normal.

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