It is Not Time’s Fault

It is Not Time’s Fault

Statements I have heard recently around time…

  • I no longer have the commute to and from work, but I am still not working out even though I have the time. I am so frustrated.
  • I finally have time to put together the photo album from my vacation, yet the photos still sit.
  • So much opportunity to work on that jewelry making side-hustle, but, well, not happening.

So much frustration that the time is here and what you are telling yourself you want to do still isn’t happening.

Because time was never the issue. What?!

It totally makes sense that we all would think that though. There are like a bagillion articles about how to win time back, how to be efficient so that you can do what you actually want to do.

TIme was never the issue. Your thoughts are the issue. Having more time does not change your thoughts.

I will explain.

When you think about working-out your brain says: I am so out of shape, it is going to suck. I don’t like weights. Cardio is boring.

Those thoughts don’t make you want to blast your favorite 80s club music and get your sweat on.

When you sit down to work on your vacation photos your brain says: This is going to take forever. It has to be perfect. It is overwhelming.

Those thoughts do not inspire you to sit down with your glue stick and labeler and go to town.

When you think about your side-hustle, your brain says: How will this fit in when life gets back to “normal?” No one actually wants this jewelry. This is a stupid idea.

Those thoughts do not get you busy making some of the most fun and funky accessories mankind has ever seen.

You are hereby absolved from the guilt and frustration you are feeling from your perception that you are wasting time.

Our thoughts are where it is at. You absolutely can find one that serves you.

The thoughts listed above leave you feeling icky. Leave you feeling not-good-enough. There is no motivation there.

Take note of your thoughts. How kind are you being to yourself? How kind and true are you being?

Have thoughts that will serve your Life All In.


P.S. Want to find those thoughts that serve you? Together, we’ve got this. Email me today and thoughts that serve you will follow.

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