Love the New Year Series #2: Be Curious about the New Year

Love the New Year Series #2: Be Curious about the New Year

Yesterday I shared that this week is my favorite of the year. It also used to be my most challenging. I am a recovering perfectionist.

Perfectionism can be the source of procrastination and anxiety.

Anxiety was a common companion for me and still likes to hang around.

Anxiety over the New Year? Why? Well, the New Year is like a new clean notebook-I don’t want to make a false mark and ruin the clean page. In years past I have spent LOTS of time and energy making sure the house was clean, laundry put away, to do lists checked off. In these years I missed having the down time with those I love because I was so concerned with perfection when the clock struck 12 on January 1. I was so focused on all the ways I needed to be perfect.

I was also obsessed with all the great habits I was going to acquire because the New Year was magic and things were now perfect. I would start going to the gym 6 days a week and eating salads everyday and have all the patience in the world for everyone.

Then two years ago my BFF invited me to go through a review process to see what I had accomplished, to see how I had grown, to acknowledge and learn from the disappointments. 

Coming at the New Year through the lens of reflection, celebration, growth and learning helped calm the perfectionism and anxiety and put in its place curiosity and anticipation.

And the review process that I shared with you yesterday was born. And the Goal Get ‘Em Goal Setting Workshop was born.

It is a process that allows me to be on a journey that includes the new year as a stop, a place to look around and observe instead of New Year’s Day being the destination.

I invite you to join me on the journey.

Tomorrow I will share what I do with all the reflection, learning, curiosity and anticipation to make a difference in me. To make A Life All In.


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