Making Space

Making Space

I went for a walk in the park yesterday. The trees were breathtaking.

It is that time of year in the Great Lakes area. Every year it happens, the leaves change and glorious colors emerge. Every year it happens. It is predictable. And every year we who live here are in awe. We expect to be in awe. We look for the awe. We get in our cars and take walks to look at the colors.

We make space to take in the beauty. Except, when we don’t.

I remember a year when I looked up and the trees were bare. The colors came and went and I didn’t notice. I didn’t look up. I didn’t make space. I couldn’t even tell you what I was doing, what achievement I was so focused on that I didn’t look up. All I remember is when I did look up and I felt sad that I missed the colors. I missed the beautiful colors that were there for me, had I made the space to see them.

We make space, except when we don’t. And when this happens, we fall into bed at night with a list of checked-off to-do’s but feeling disconnected or not actually feeling at all. There is no sense of forward momentum. We are achieving without feeling. We are climbing ladders, getting accolades and still left feeling, well, empty. On to the next finish line.

It is time to look up…and look in. Even now, especially now. What are the choices we have now? How do we want to use our energy now?

Time to connect back to ourselves. Realign ourselves.

Create space for the good that is coming, that good that is being created through us.

For me, that is making space to look up at the leaves.

What is it for you. What does your knowing tell you? It would serve you and those around you if you made time to connect back to yourself by _________________________________?

It is all apart of A Life All In.

With you on the journey-


P.S. Tools for connecting back to you are coming October 23rd. Stay tuned.

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