May 1, 2020

May 1, 2020

May 1, 2020

Breathe, Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.

Breathe is creating space. Breathe is bringing oxygen, the simple element that brings life. That fuels our systems. 

Breathe, allow yourself to breathe. Allow the breathe in. Allow the breath in.  Allow the breath in. Allow it on the  places that are tight. Allow it into the places that are in darkness. Allow it to shine a light and hold you as you feel. Allow it to be a part of you. 

Allow it . Allow it.  Allow it. Be the container it flows through. When we are scared we hold our breath. We brace. We protect. We curl up and restrict. We do this to allow the least amount of damage. At least that is what we think we are doing. We think we are making ourselves small to protect and avoid. To miss whatever is coming at us. We make ourselves small. We make ourselves small. We curl up and our muscles restrict and when we unfold ourselves,  it hurts. We cut  ourselves off from oxygen and it hurts. We got ourselves off from nutrients and it hurts. We cut ourselves off and it hurts. It hurts to unfold. It hurts to unfold. It hurts to let go. 

Breathe into the spaces. When we unfold we create space for breathe to move, for breathe to move and for breathe to nourish. When we breathe from our belly we are allowing breath to come to all the parts of us. We are inviting and tuning control over to our body to take care of us. To partner with us to be a part of the journey. To be a trusted friend on the journey. 

There is an option available to all of us to get out of our head to stop trying to rationalize. To stop trying to make sense of it all. To stop trying to make it okay with our thoughts. Thoughts create feelings which create emotions, it is true. But it is only part of the story. There is the connection we have in breath, The connection we have to the elements of the world. To oxygen that carries us. We all need oxygen; it is the common element,  common life source. When we breathe and allow ourselves to breathe we are still. We are present. We are listening. We are letting the spirit/source the higher version ourselves, the higher version of all of us come through. It is where beauty lives, It is where experience lives. it is where evolution lives. It is where love is. It is where peace is. It is where joy is. It is where compassion lives. It is where connection  lives. 

Compassion and connection. Compassion and connection for others and ourselves. Connection to ourselves that we search for by rationalizing. Rationalizing by telling ourselves we are “right”. When we are “right,” we are standing in right and wrong. It allows ourselves to feel better. It allows our ego to feel better, It allows us to create momentary calm for ourselves. Compassion allows us to connect by standing in my truth while I see you standing in your truth. It allows us to see ourselves and others in a way that we haven’t ever seen before; we allow the humanity and the spirit within ourselves and  each other. We are each standing in out own truth, our own scary, liberating, joyful truth and it is who we are. We see others in their own unique, scary truth and we know that we are both powerful and connected. 

We all breathe oxygen. We all have an inner voice. 

Take a deep breath. Take a deep breath. We all have the ability to breathe in and out. 

We see light in the spaces within us and between us. We allow lights. The light was always there. We see the light and we feel the light. We feel the light. Feel the light. Feeling the light makes it a part of you. We cannot look directly at the sun, it is too bright, but we can feel it. We can feel it on our skin. We can breathe in its brightness, we can breathe in its nourishment. It is alway there. Sometimes it is behind clouds. The darkness comes at night, and we move through the darkness, believing the sun is on the other side. We don’t resist the darkness. We allow it to envelop us and we rest. We rest. We rest. Our bodies know it is time to rest and rebuild. The day sun comes and we breathe in its nourishment. We are connected to it. We breathe it in. 

We come back to breathe. It comes back to the breath nourishing us and filling us and being the fuel for our systems. 

Breathe. Take a deep breath, take a deep breath, take a deep breath. Take a deep breath. 

Take a deep breath and exhale. 

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