September Touch Point: Intention with Your 168 Hours

September Touch Point: Intention with Your 168 Hours

For the next three months, our Touch Points are going to draw from books that have been extremely helpful to me on my journey. The first one is the most recent: Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done by Laura Vanderkam.

A Life All In has three core values/guiding principles: reflect, be intentional, live an authentic (sometimes messy) life. This most recent book by Vanderkam really talks about the tools of intentionality as well as how it plays out in daily life.

Our Touch Point for September: what is one goal that you are really yearning to see forward movement on? Let’s be intentional about making space and taking action! I will be sharing with you action steps throughout September and invite you to join me in creating space for the life you desire!

In order to create a closed, safe space to support one another in our Touch Point, please email me at [email protected] indicating your interest in being part of the September Touch Point and I will send you an invitation to a free web-based community tool that is totally private.

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