More then a To Do List

More then a To Do List

I was recently inspired to insert intentional reflection time into my morning routine, which for as long as I can remember was filled with, well, logistics. The reflection piece takes about 10 minutes and after two weeks, is getting to be something that my spirit craves. I write an affirmation, list 3 things that I am grateful for, process briefly any aha moments or noted growing edges and write 3 successes from the day before.
The 3 successes have sometimes been the biggest surprise. Today I wrote “Did everything on my to-do list”. I know there is a lot of talk lately about a “to do” list actually being about busyness; a list of tasks that may not actually move goals or projects forward. This can be true (and A Life All In is working on a Fight the Busy campaign with Altered Self Wellness launching soon), but in this case the items on my list were actually all moving projects forward: sending pre-work document to a coaching client, making a payment to the gifted individual who created the website and working with my Girl Scout co-leader to plan our next session.
And even more importantly, they were items that I had made promise to myself to do. In doing them I kept the commitment to myself; these commitments are often the hardest to keep, From increasing health through exercise to writing 500 words for the novel we have been dreaming about, we often let ourselves off the hook, We  give that time to someone else or something else that presents itself as urgent or let ourselves procrastinate because the activity we have committed to is an area of growth (I am guilty of both). Yet, these are the some of the most important commitments to keep because they build our confidence and help us reach our goals.
Is there something on your list that you have not done but it would keep you moving along the path of A Life All In? Take a first step. I am happy to support you!

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