November Touch Point: Fight the Busy

November Touch Point: Fight the Busy

A Life All In is excited to be partnering with Altered Self Wellness for a “Fight the Busy” campaign! Join the movement and take the items off your list that don’t bring value to your life. Take the things off your list that leave you tired and overwhelmed. Say yes to the activities that bring you closer to the experiences and relationships that you want to engage in. Activities that encourage your wellness!

Here how to contribute and receive support:

We would for you to snap a pic of yourself as you “fight the busy.” How do you fill your cup? What do you do to be in the present moment? Take a pic and post on Instagram and/or Facebook with #fightthebusy.

We also invite you to join us in reading Courtney Carver’s Soulful Simplicity. Carver is passionate about clearing out the unnecessary both physically and mentally, so you can be in the present moment. We would love to explore her thoughts and ideas with you. We will be posting info about the book group soon!

Fight the Busy and create A Life All In.


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