Sometimes You are just Using the Wrong Tool

Sometimes You are just Using the Wrong Tool

Ever try to use a flat-head screwdriver in a Phillips Head screw. It will work, but takes A LOT of effort. Never used a screwdriver before? Trust me on this one.

Life can be so much easier when you are using the right tool for the job. Sometimes, a lot of times, you don’t know what you don’t know. So you use a less then helpful or efficient tool.

Goals are kind of the same way. If you don’t have the the tools to create small actionable steps for yourself, then the whole darn thing is really overwhelming and takes A LOT of effort.

I give you the example of when I started running. For years I thought I couldn’t, I wouldn’t, what’s the point.

Stay with me.

Then I learned that you don’t start running by counting miles. You start by running minutes. I started first by running for a minute (which started out as being like a block for me). It felt new, different and a little silly. But I did it.

I committed to running every other day for about eight weeks, each time adding time to my run.walk intervals. Small, actionable steps made it happen. Each one doable. Each one pushing me just a bit our of my comfort zone.

For your viewing pleasure, check-out other tools I have used to help me get myself started without it feeling like pushing a boulder up a hill. It is part of the 14 Day Goal Reset which is happening on Facebook right now!

Its not you, you were not given the right tools!

You may end of running a 5k, if you wanted.

To a Life All In!


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