The Answer is Right There, If You Will Let Yourself See It.

The Answer is Right There, If You Will Let Yourself See It.

I realized last week that I try and reinvent my own wheel, a lot.

I will go through planners, apps for my phone, routines for me, home, the kids, my business constantly thinking that there is better, more efficient way to get it all done.

Friday I had two feet-to-the-fire moments with myself that resulted in observations that may resonate with you:

  1. I was using the thought “I just need a new more efficient…to help me get work done” instead of actually doing work. The research into new products and solutions felt like work, but nothing was actually being accomplished. The research was fun and energizing. Using the tool that I had been using (that was actually working) had gotten, well, boring. Thanks to James Clear and Atomic Habits for this insight. Boring allows me to put creative energy where I need it most, which is places other then deciding on a new planner.
  2. I often coach clients on building routines that will help them with a new habit or accomplish a goal. (I love Kendra at the Lazy Genius’s take on this). However, I was struggling to create a morning routine. Then I realized, I had in my head a morning routine needed to have “me time.” But I didn’t want “me time” then (and props to my peer coach for helping me figure this out). I actually wanted to get up and work on business when my brain is most fresh and creative. I have actually been doing this for a while. My “me time” is my evening run. That is when I get out of my head and come back with clarity.

As I talked about in a post early this month awareness is the first step in identifying a block. Awareness and acknowledgement open a door for change.

So what did I do?

I ordered the planner I had been using, filled in the actions to move projects forward (including this blog post). I named a work project that I wanted to get started in the morning before everyone is rises. I scheduled my evening runs.

Acknowledge what in your life is working and keep moving.

Yours on the journey-


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