The Antidote to the End of the World.

The Antidote to the End of the World.

A little dramatic, maybe, but that is how it can feel when you are experiencing overwhelm and anxiety. Your brain is racing with ALL THE THINGS. Your brain is telling you how terrible, horrible things are going to result if you don’t act quickly on every need, request, idea that enters your brain. You just don’t know what to do next. Your chest is tight. Your breathing is shallow. You just want the feeling to stop.

Anxiety is real. And it is a place that I lived in for many years. Anxiety is an old neighbor that I still visit once in a while. When I do, I know it is because something is off for me. After years of negotiating with this old neighbor and working with clients who have similar neighbors, I discovered five strategies that are the antidote to the end of the world.

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