The Gift

The Gift

Ebb and Flow.

Lean into it.

Slow down and lean into it.

You can’t control ebb and flow.

The tide comes and goes.

The tide comes and gives you a gift.

A gift of being.

A gift of energy.

A gift of truth.

A gift of life that you are a part.

Then the tide retreats and you are left on the shore with what the tide just brought in.

What will you do with it?

The tide brought it for you.

Will you be scared of it? Humbled by it? Excited by it? Calmed by it?

It is there for you.

The thing that FEELS right to you.

The thing that your body senses is for you.

You waited for it.

You can’t force the tide.

Now what will you do with it?

The tide came in with its energy and force and thunderous movement

And brought it to you.

Hold it, embrace it.

Then allow it to move through you.

Only you know how.

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