Walking in Focus

Walking in Focus

May 8, 2020

I took a walk today without wearing my glasses or contacts. I hadn’t  put my contacts in and my glasses kept getting fogged up from my breath. 

In the past doing this would have given me a headache after 5 minutes.

I walked for an hour and a half today. 

I walked and listened and heard things that I had not heard before. I walked and looked around at things I hadn’t seen before.

With my eyes, my ears and my spirit. The spirit. 

When I asked why I wasn’t getting a headache the answer I received was “You aren’t trying to focus on anything. You are being and sensing.” 

Listening and receiving. 


Connecting with yourself.  Connecting with the air and energy around you. 

The wind blew. A cold wind blew. 

I didn’t shiver. 

I thought about wind as energy moving and it felt playful and calming. 

I felt connected. 

I felt calm and connected. 


Ir was a moment of sensing without analyzing the data coming in. It was sensing to enhance the sense of being. It was curiosity. 

It was unattached awareness.

Memory of other walks, lots of other walks. Walks with the agenda of organizing my thoughts. Other walks where I weighed thoughts and qualified them, rationalized them. Wanting so deeply to clearly argue a side, clearly declare  winner.  

But a winner seldom reigned. A rational, logical winner didn’t reign. Our brains can rationalize anything. Our brains can argue any side, they are subjective and have an agenda; to keep us safe. To keep the story in line. That is until it stops being our story and is the story of someone else, a person who we were a few insights, awarenesses, different levels of connection, ago. 

Today I walked and felt the wind and felt the muscles in my legs get tired. And it all confirmed that I am a human who senses and a spiritual being who gets to use the senses to dance in energy.

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