What is True…

What is True…

In this moment what is true is that the most nurturing/serving/move-something-forward thing I can do is write to both of us. For me writing is processing. I do it to get things out of my head. I also enjoy reading about what is in other people’s heads. It gives me awareness and perspective. So if you are anything like me….this is for both of us. Thanks for being in it with me!

About five minutes ago, my sick three-year-old went from inconsolable to asleep. He was on the couch crying because he didn’t want to get in the car to pick-up his sister from school. Then there was silence. As soon as I realized what had happened I tool a deep breath. My fight or flight reflexes took a deep breath. Then came the question- now what do I do?

I now have 30 minute of unexpected time. Time on my calendar I was going to use for transport is now open. There are emails to look at and answer. There is a website and newsletter integration software that I want to explore. There are workshops to plan and social media posts to engage. Not to mention laundry. What do I want to get checked-off the list?

Hold the phone. I have a different question.

What will serve me in this moment?

This is a question I often ask clients, especially around self-care in the moment. Time for me to answer my own damn question.

The answer was clear. Write and connect. That is something I haven’t done in a while. It is an activity that fuels me and intimidates me. Finding the right words can be infuriating. Finding the right words can be exhilarating. At this moment, writing the words is allowing me to process and processing gives me energy and moves me forward.

So here I am writing and I feel the energy coming back. Thanks for connecting with me.

What will serve you in the moment?

Tell the voice that says “Well, what you should do…” that you hear them and that this is time for you.

What will serve you in this moment? It can take 5 min, 20 minutes, whatever you have.

I would love to know what you cam up with!



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