When Your Brain Hits the Brakes on Your Progress.

When Your Brain Hits the Brakes on Your Progress.

It started with my birthday month which I designated as my month of “doing hard (scary) things.” I did my first Facebook live, I went to an event without my usual crew of folks, and I drove solo through two states. I did all this because the action of doing was a step in honing my perception of myself and more importantly made space to think about and do things that would result in the growth I wanted.

What resulted was a month of being very intentional with my actions. I was on fire with momentum. I started working with my coach to create a vision for myself. A vision that included the things that I am passionate about, as well as my values and my desired areas of growth. I even decided to engage in another level of training as a coach. This will result in me becoming certified in this work that I love, and acquire more tools to support myself and others on this journey.

…And then Mid-July hit. I stopped using my systems. I stopped making time for and engaging in things that give me energy. I didn’t write, didn’t get together with friends, didn’t run or create anything new. I didn’t use my planner,

I made lots of excuses for why. Summer has no structure. I am in transition as a solo-entrepreneur and figuring it all out right now. I am in planning mode right now (I used that one a lot).

Then yesterday I had a call with my coach peer group and I mentioned a coaching skill that I have been practicing and have been noticing difficulty with and a theme emerged for me:

Awareness and acknowledgement.

My peers acknowledged opportunity for growth with the same skill They all also reminded me that awareness of it is the first step. It is a cliche for a reason; its true.

Awareness and acknowledgment does not mean you need to have the answers, it does however leave space for you to take one step in a direction and create movement. You become aware of the issue/challenge/ opportunity and acknowledge it as it is.

The brakes I applied in mid-July were my brain not wanting to admit that I was (and still am) intimidated by the vision I am setting for myself, even though it is a vision I embrace with my whole being Who is the person that is creating all of this? Surely she is someone smarter, more skilled and wittier then me. Instead of being aware and acknowledging these thoughts and feelings, I avoided them because, well, it is easier.

Until its not. For many, there comes a time when avoiding and inaction is harder, more uncomfortable. Living in the dissonance of where you are versus where your vision can lead you can make you cranky.

Allowing yourself to be aware and acknowledge is the first step.

The first step to A Life All In.

Then you use your tools. (For me that includes writing, running and reading, more on that soon.)

In awareness with you-


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