When Your Schedule, or Favorite Shirt, Doesn’t Fit

When Your Schedule, or Favorite Shirt, Doesn’t Fit

Starting a call with my friend and coach Wednesday. I was feeling really out of it, scattered. I processed with her that I had just completed a week that was outside of the usual schedule:

  • Networking events took away from office time and got me talking about A Life All In.
  • Attending social events solo made  me intentional about introducing myself to people I didn’t know.
  • I booked a PUBLIC space, an art gallery, for A life All In 2019 Goal Setting Workshop Series (more info coming on that soon!) to accommodate a larger group and achieve a certain atmosphere (the first one was  held in a church fellowship hall).

I was scattered because what I was looking for was a “normal” week. A week of phone calls, emails, to-do lists from projects and making lunches. All comfortable activities that make our world turn. What had happened was growth through intentional movement beyond my comfort zone to discomfort.  Intentional thoughts around how I wanted to be in a situation.  Being solo socially and deciding to be curious instead of guarded. Bringing atmosphere and inspiration to 2019  events that will bring more visibility to a Life All In.

As I processed all this on my call, it felt like that moment you put on a shirt that was your go-to, and it doesn’t quite represent you anymore. The “usual schedule” didn’t serve me this past week. It didn’t serve my goals. Goals bring growth and growth (I am learning) means discomfort.

I know there will be more discomfort ahead, which I believe will be part of the “new” usual.

Come and embrace discomfort with me!

It is all part of  A Life All In-


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