April 23, 2020

April 23, 2020

Today I sat down at my computer and closed by eyes and made the request for spirit to come. This is what happened. This came from my heart. I offer this to you.


Sometimes we get glimpses of ourselves and we get scared. We listen to god/the inner voice/spirit to set forth on a journey, to form a vision for who we are moving toward and fear sets in.

“I will upset family systems.”

“I have this story of who I am and it is scary to fly without it.”

“What if I don’t recognize the person on the other side?”

“What if I actually cannot do what I am being called to do?”

Our brains seek comfort in our thoughts. Our brains seek comfort in rationalizing.

We forget that were are also sensory beings. We feel. We intuit. We feel joy, calm, excitement when we perceive something as beautiful.

Our brains seek perfection to be safe, our brains seek a “how” to be safe. When we feel, we don’t always have a “how”. We don’t what is on the other side. We just know that we are drawn there.

Fear is our brain looking for a “how”. Fear is wanting a prediction of how things will turn out.

Fear doesn’t want us to go deeper because although we aren’t completely in tune with where we are, at least we know how it turns out and that is comforting.

Your heart racing in anticipation, excitement, in “What am I about to do?” moments is un-nerving, is thrilling and breathtaking. Some of us seek it and some of us are scared of it.

Sometimes we start and all the voices in our head come back and tell us it won’t work. That is our brain wanting comfort back. But when we keep walking through, trembling, terrified, but driven by a force within ourselves. What happens?

We are usually changed and elevated and a little in “What the heck just happened?”

Close your eyes. Feel it. Breathe it in. Smell it. Hear it. Touch it. You are arriving.

A Life All In,


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