April 29, 2020

April 29, 2020

Listening is the new hug.

What would happen if you let yourself listen.

Not do, but listen. Be and listen.

What if you listened to others. Really listened to what they had to say? Not listen so you could answer them, but listen with curiosity so that you could really see them. What would you learn about yourself and about them? What would you learn about how they have been hurt? What would would you learn about what makes them tick? What safeguards do they have up? What safeguards do you have up? What would you learn about them that would allow you to connect? What would you hear that would be a catalyst for a whole different kind of relationship? What would you learn?

What would you learn about you? When something you hear stings, it is the universe saying you’ve got some work today. It is the universe bringing awareness so that you can do deeper. Go deeper into your power.

What if you listened to yourself? What if you sat and listened to the silence, listened outside of yourself? What would come through? Our brains want a task to do. Our brains want an answer. Our brains want structure. What if you sat and listened and broke through the restlessness to the other side. What if you birthed the part of yourself that was comfortable in stillness. What if you felt calm as you knew that you are here in this body, living this life, 100% human and 100% spiritual.

What if you got out of your own way. What if stopped looking for the answer and started being open to asking and receiving the answer.

What if you listened?

Listening brings connection.

Hugging brings connection.

What if you hugged yourself by listening.

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