What do Basements, Drums and Running have in Common? Energy

What do Basements, Drums and Running have in Common? Energy

Reflecting on recent coaching sessions (names have been changed), a theme emerged that got me reflecting on my own energy stores. Perhaps it will get you thinking too.
I sat across from one of the most driven humans that I know hearing about her whirlwind journey that has resulted in a quick ascent up her firm’s ladder of promotion. Career was going really well for Katie, but all her energy was gone after a week of traveling for work and personal satisfaction was low.
Enjoying a beverage on a chilly day in October I sat with a creative team player who worked in a trade industry and needed to come up with ways to bring in money during his downtime. Mark had a list of feasible ideas and even leads, but was having trouble keeping momentum.
An entrepreneur had a booming business and had created a flexible schedule for herself. Each day there were projects and networking opportunities along with getting kids to and from their activities. It was the life Lisa had imagined. Why did she feel sluggish?
As I talked with each one of these unique individuals, one thing was clear, they were accomplishing tasks and making things happen, but their energy was depleted. Yes they were engaged in daily life doing the things that keep projects moving, paying the bills and putting one foot in front of the other. Physically they were fine, emotionally/mentally/spirituality they were depleted. As they were achieving,  they were not filling their personal tanks.

This is something that affects us all. When I am tired or unmotivated I ask myself:

  1. Have I gotten my body moving lately? Its the one thing that actually gets me out of my head.
  2. Have I had too much time with people or not enough time with people? (I am one of those special ambivert types).
  3. What have I done in the past month for the sake of pure enjoyment-clear the mental clutter?
For our corporate climber Katie it was researching and planning a major home renovation project-creating family space in the basement. She is a planner and happiest and most energized when she has something to research and plan and an opportunity to innovate.
For our trades person, it was regular music making in his life. Mark looked for and found a group to drum for in jam sessions
For our entrepreneur it was physical activity, she needed to run. Lisa made an appointment to get pain checked out so they could obtain the support they needed to run pain free.
What brings you energy and have you engaged in that activity recently? Do you even know what brings you energy? What brings you joy? What clears the mental clutter and centers you? If you don’t know now is as good a time as any to explore.
Want some support along the way? I am happy to help!
It is all a part of A Life All In!

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