Is it time to change the channel? I Have a Few New Ones for You.

Is it time to change the channel? I Have a Few New Ones for You.

How would it serve you to….

Have hope, shift perspective, create energy.

But how?

There are two factors that really contribute to our state of being: our thoughts and our input.

“What if this doesn’t end”

“What if I get sick?”

“What if someone I love gets sick?”

“What if….?”

These are all normal thoughts to have right now. And lots of us are having them. It is what you do with the thought that makes a difference,

Do you allow it to take hold or do you acknowledge it allow the feeling and then act to create something that will give you hope, shift perspective, create energy?

This is were input comes in.

You are trying to stay on top of world events. You are wanting to be a global citizen. You are absorbing the news, social media, surfing the web.

Notice when this is adding to anxiety. Notice when it is making you inpatient, irritable, overwhelmed.

It is is time to change the channel. Here are some suggestions:

  • Lynn Ungar, a poet, that is so beautifully putting words to life right now. I highly suggest reading Imagine.
  • A coach colleague turned me on to, Tara Brach and a guided meditation I love is here.
  • Get Yourself moving! Exercise is a great way to shift perspective. Move however you can. A women’s fitness studio near me is hosting Facebook Live fitness classes.
  • There is a movement in my neighborhood to place a part in your window to show love for all the folks on the front line. It also gives little ones our for a walk something to look at and count!.

We are in this together!


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