Love the New Year Series #3: Love Yourself with Words

Love the New Year Series #3: Love Yourself with Words

Over the last two days I have shared with you the first step of my new year review process using questions influenced by Jinny S. Ditzler in her book Your Best Year Yet

  • List your celebrations and disappointments
  • Look over your list; what did you learn and how did you grow? What changes can you make going forward?

I also shared the anxiety I used to have over the New Year as a recovering perfectionist. The New Year and its blank slate gave me lots of anxiety about magically being a perfect human being (whatever that is) and that anxiety took me out of the moment and left me unable to enjoy time with loved ones. Then my BFF suggested that I use the New Year to be curious about the last year and look to the year ahead with anticipation.

That thought changed my view of January 1st and led me to create the process that I use during my Goal Get “Em Workshop.

Now the next step to help and guide you gracefully into the new year.

You get to love yourself with words.

You are going to make a guiding principle, a mantra, an affirmation. Whatever you want to call it; it is going to be the thought you have in your head when the goals are being created, when you are making a decision about what to do next. It is going to be what you tell yourself when you are ready to throw in the towel and retreat to the couch with cookies and the remote,

Look at the celebrations, what did you learn? This is your evidence of how awesome you are.

  • You did a triathlon
  • You had a great vacation with friends backpacking for the first time.

What does this teach you?

  • You are strong and consistent
  • You relational and adventurous

Now look at the disappointments, what did you learn? This is going to guide you to live into a quality you want to embrace in the new year.

  • You didn’t get the promotion at work and didn’t ask for feedback
  • You spent more then you wanted to on credit cards

How will you change behavior?

  • You will ask questions including asking for feedback in order to hone skills that will set you apart.
  • You will be intentional with your resources and use them wisely to enrich your life.

These actions will build confidence and personal integrity

Your mantra: You are strong, consistent, relational and adventurous. You are confident in your skills and keep your word to yourself.

Join me in the process at the in-person workshop January 27, 2019.

You are creating A Life All In.


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