Your Relationship with Paper

Your Relationship with Paper

About 4 years ago, I pulled the band-aid off and gave myself some tough love. I realized my piles of paper were serving me. They were keeping me safe. They were keeping me in my comfort zone. They were allowing me to hide.

The paper allowed me to put things off “until I got organized.” The paper allowed me to run on adrenaline as I put out fires instead of being proactive. The paper made the decision for me when it came to how I would spend my time; what’s urgent gets the attention and gets done.

Then I found myself with three kids, one with anxiety and ADHD, and a desire to start a business. I got to a point where the paper wasn’t serving me anymore. It was adding to my anxiety. I was done with anxiety controlling me. (Though I am human and still have my moments).

Now I realize that for some folks piles of paper are not an issue; it is their process. If that is you and it really is your process and you are totally satisfied with the state of things and the paper is not causing frustration or anxiety, then rock om with your bad self.

For the rest of you….

What did I do? ….I had someone ask me some tough love questions. I share them below:

How do you want to spend your time? Don’t know the answer to that? Totally normal if you don’t feel like you have control of it

What does the vision of your life look like when you are doing what you want to do? Scared by the possibility here? Totally normal if you don’t believe it is possible.

You can use your brain for critical thinking and creativity instead of trying to remember what you needed to do next and looking to a pile of paper for the answer.

For some paper organization comes naturally. if this is you, rock on with your bad self.

If it doesn’t come naturally to you, it is not your fault. You have LOTS of other natural gifts and talents. This is a skill that can be taught.

Every paper is about “What is the next action step?” One paper at a time.

I will be going more in-depth into the process at an in person event on Friday March 6th, 2020. Would love to have you there.

This is a skill that can be taught. You are more then capable. I absolutely believe that.


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