The Scratches Mean You are Strong!

The Scratches Mean You are Strong!

Cars have feelings too.

This according to my 10 year old. She only wants a car with scratches or dents because that means it was hurt and survived.

I learned this when I was driving her to camp and lamenting that I wanted to get body work done on the car to remove the scratched and dent in the side door, the result of me not noticing a pole.

She insisted that I not. Scratches mean the car is strong. It is scratched and still running.

I asked her if this applies to people too, she said of course.

She said that she would feel sorry for someone who isn’t scratched. To her it means that poor soul hasn’t been on any adventures or taken any chances (the good kind).  If you are really living you are going to get scratched.

This reminds me why it is so important to reflect on you challenges, what didn’t work, what scratched you. You learn from it, adjust and move on stronger.

Take pride in you scratches as you live A Life All In.



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