A Life All In, Part 2

A Life All In, Part 2

There I was, helping clients release and organize; move energy.

And at the same time, I was embarking on my first 5K.

I had never run before. I actually never thought of myself as someone who could run. I would say that I would only run if a wild animal was chasing after me. The truth was I didn’t think I had what it took to run a 5k.

But my best friend was moving across the country and had started to embark on a journey of being active. She has done a triathlon at that point. Before she moved she wanted to do a race with me. 

The moment she asked me, I saw an out.

An out from living an autopilot. 

The auto-pilot of can and can’t. 

I was going from can’t to “why not?”

It was the start of a new vision for myself. 

A vision that incorporated all the parts of me. 

I was a successful creator that had achieved so much already. Creating my own business, being known as a leader in volunteer management and program development. It was all great. I was in my head a lot. I was connecting to others daily. 

But something was missing.

On my training runs the only place I could be was the present moment. I couldn’t be worried about the future or ruminating on the past. I was breathing, putting one foot in front of the other and letting the endorphins kick in.

I realized what was missing; me in the present. 

It was time to connect with myself. It was time to see what I was capable of doing for myself. 

And crossing the finish line of the first 5k was incredible. I cried. I smiled. I felt so many things and I was present for all of them.

It was my introduction back to myself. 

It was the start of my Life All In. 

And what does that mean for the work I do today…?

Stay tuned.

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