Energetically Aligned Success: Lead with Your Values

Energetically Aligned Success: Lead with Your Values

You are feeling completely in control and completely drained as well. 

At the top of your game professionally, but feeling, well, flat. 

You have all the skills. You are beyond successful in your career, and have all the top honors. You exceed your goals every quarter. 

You are running and achieving. 

On autopilot. 

You are having thoughts of going back to school; possibly changing careers.

Something to get the spark back. Something to get the energy back. 


You are smart, so why can’t you figure it out?

My question to you; how often do you do something because you “should”?

How often do you take an action because it feels like the next logical step. You are smart and skilled and a quick learner and so you have gotten to high places. All logical places. It is no surprise you are where you are. 

And it feels flat. 

You are taking action but not feeling connected to the action. Feeling the pressure to achieve, but in the end, not sure what it is all for. 

You are leading, but what are you driven by?

Numbers or values. 

The power is in the values. You are your values. No one has your unique blend of experiences leading to your unique blend of values. 

The rubric by which you take authentic, inspired, action. 

The place where your power comes from. The place where your energy comes from. 

Take a moment and identify your top three values and measure your daily activity against them. Measure the way you engage against them. 

And if you are still unclear, my next question: did you choose your values? Even the values you were raised with, did you, at some point take stock and consider if they were true for you? Do you resonate with them? 

It can be the difference between autopilot and active engagement. 

It means Energetic Success

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