Are You Curious?

Are You Curious?

For the past few months in any coaching session that I have had with my coach the word “present” comes up for how I want to feel.

Today I noted how much I use that word and explored why.

In order to be present you have to show up.

I realized that I have been putting my physical body into spaces where other people are and starting the conversation with the elevator pitch. But then I check-out, mentally. I stop right before the connection happens. I don’t show up.

I am over it. It is scary. But I am over it.

What kind of experience would I have if ALL OF ME showed up and stayed there.

What kind of connection would I have if I entered a space with curiosity instead of insecurity?

How much would my life change and how many lives would change by me engaging with them?

This is something I encourage my clients to do every day. I see how it changes their lives. It allows then to start the project, have the conversation, make the change.

Curiosity man, let’s try it.

Watch out world, here we come!


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