Decide to have Fun :)

Decide to have Fun :)

I was working with a client yesterday organizing the papers in her office. This is an area of struggle for her. I sent her a text earlier in the week that we were going to have so much fun being in her office. She didn’t believe me.

I told her we were going to make it fun, she was skeptical. Then we had fun.

I had lunch with a friend yesterday and she talked about making a big pivot in life and going back to school. She was apprehensive. Totally natural to be apprehensive, there are a lot of thoughts and logistics involved. And, my thought was that sounds like so much fun.

I talked to another friend today about an event she was logistically ready for, but had not experienced with the volume of participants she was expecting. Totally understandable to be a little apprehensive. And, oh my goodness, so much fun. She was worried about the “what ifs.” I asked if that “what ifs” happened, could she still have fun? She got excited.

Last week I wrote about choosing to do things that we enjoy.

This week I challenge you to enjoy, even find fun, in the things that you do.

What would happen if you decided something was going to be fun before it even happened? How would that change how you show up?

I am game. Let’s try.

To A Life All In!


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