Permission to Enjoy

Permission to Enjoy

In a recent peer coaching session, I decided that I wanted to address an old habit that I have been allowing back into my life. It is something I engage in when I feel vulnerable, confused or celebratory.

It mostly comes when I feel restless.

It especially hits in the evening.

It keeps me from being present.

My peer coach asked me what it meant to me to be present in the evening. I said, I am a mom of three so naturally that means spending time with my kids. Naturally. Upon further reflection I realized that while spending some time with my kids in the evening was a nice thought, it wasn’t the whole evening. They have homework and their own downtime.

Then my peer coach asked me what I wanted to do in the evening?

I had never asked myself that question. I didn’t know how to answer it at first.

Then I thought of options and got excited.

I realized I have been “shoulding” on myself. I should be spending time with the kids. And I was using my not so desirable habit to keep myself from being present; present with myself or the kids. I wasn’t giving myself permission to enjoy the evening in a way that felt good to me.

How is “should” keeping you from being present?

I give myself and you permission to enjoy your evening, your morning, your afternoon, your day.

Thank you and your welcome.

To A Life All In-


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