Judgy. Judgy.

Judgy. Judgy.

I found myself in judgement last week.

So much judgement.

Judgement over how I have not been taking care of my body.

Judgement that I have not been more engaged with my family.

Judgement that I have not been keeping myself accountable in my business.

Judgement that I have not been more active and aware of the world around me.


It compresses. It keeps you small. It keeps you from moving forward. It keeps you from taking action.

It keeps you afraid of failing and failing is what moves you forward.

You don’t know if you don’t try. Its true.

“But what will people think?”

“What is wrong with me that I screwed that up?”

“I am going to sound like such a selfish/ignorant person if I say what I ask teh question/sau what I am really thinking.”

Self-Judgement keeps the awareness away.

It is the inner critic, the saboteur, the gremlin telling you they don’t want to change. Change is hard, change is uncomfortable. Change takes energy. They don’t know the person on the other side of change and that scares the crap out of them.

What will happen if people know who you REALLY are?

So the self-judgement happens.

And with it, you loose your power to act.

You may be able to motivate yourself for a while, but it isn’t sustainable, the energy is too heavy.

There is space for kindness. There is space to own your worthiness now matter what.

There is space to own the skills that you have acquired and the skills that you are learning.

There is space to own what comes naturally to you and what takes some learning on your part.

Without self-judgement.

In its place, curiosity. In its place a “I wonder if…”

The world is calling out for change. The universe is asking us for truth. Truth is neutral. It is what it is. Truth is looking to elevate us. All of us.


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